30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 3

3. I’m thankful for the leftovers in the refrigerator so I don’t have to make dinner on this crazy, homeschooling, busy day.


One Response to “30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 3”

  1. Joao Says:

    I think all of the above ideas are good but I definitely woduln’t rule out making gay male friends. Reading most of your preferences in music, movies, etc you sound like you’d actually have a lot more in common with my gay male friends than most of my female friends. Since you’re obviously very secure in your sexuality/ masculinity I would widen that pool of people you could be hanging out with. Whatever your interests are (art, sewing, playing music, karaoke, design, working with tools, whatever), there’s a club, class, or forum for everything. You sound like a cool individual who’s incredibly comfortable in their own skin. A lot of people would love to hang out with you!

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