30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 12-18

I kept a notebook to continue my 30 Days of Thankfulness on our trip, so here they are:

12. I am thankful that we decided to go to Joshua Tree National Park for the day rather than dealing with the crowds and craziness of Disney Land. What a beautiful day filled with nature. Amazing rock formations and desert life.

13. I am thankful that Eleanore loves watching the race cars at the drag race.

14. I am thankful for snuggles and hotel room naps.

15. I’m thankful for yummy tacos in California! Man, I’m going to miss the handmade corn tacos.

16. I am thankful we were able to come along with Jason for a trip to California. Eleanore loves playing in the ocean waves and the sound of the waves crashing into the shore put Adelaide right to sleep every time.

17. I am thankful that our plane trip back went fairly smoothly. Adelaide is teething and was unhappy when she was awake, but slept for a long time on the plane in the ergo, which was nice.

18. Today I’m thankful for cloth diapers! We used disposables on our trip and every single “poop day” we had a blowout. Blech. I couldn’t stand creating so much trash.


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