My Last Christmas Card Post

My blog delay lasted a bit longer than I anticipated, as a few days after arriving home from our trip, we all ended up sick.  I’m just now coming down with it, and Adelaide currently has a wicked cough that’s preventing her from getting much sleep, although Eleanore is just suffering from the nighttime lingering cough and is almost over it.  We’ve all just been lazing around, watching too much tv and hanging out. I really need to catch up on my thanksgiving posts, as well as post a few pictures from our trip, BUT, even though we’re all sick, I’m trying to piece together our Christmas cards.  I took a few pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses (thank you thrift store shopping!), and they’re not perfect, but I’m thinking they’ll do for this year.  I’m ordering some cards from one card site, as I posted about before, but I’m also going to pick some up from Tiny Prints. I’ve used their cards in the past, and feel they are really the best in terms of quality, and this season they’re rewarding bloggers! Eleanore’s baby announcement cards were from Tiny Prints, so of course they’re dear to my heart 🙂
Their Christmas cards are gorgeous this year. I love all the options they have, like this trifold card:
or these circle cards that you can hang on your tree!
If I can make it work with the pictures I took, I may just have to choose this one for our card.

Back soon with a link to the menu for the week ~ it’s an easy one since Jason is out of town this week. Still working on editing pictures from our trip!


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