Pictures from our Trip and the Season of Crafts

Our trip to California was wonderful. The girls both did great on the airplane trip, and Eleanore LOVED being able to ride the tram train at the airport, the shuttle bus to get our rental car as well as the plane.

I’m so glad we made time to drive out to Joshua Tree National Park. It was simply breathtaking, and even though we got rained on a little (in the desert ~ it figures!), we still had a great time on a little hike through the rock formations and taking in the sites.



Eleanore learned the hard way that cacti can be very prickly. In fact, both girls ended up with cactus needles in their skin. We didn’t discover Adelaide’s in her leg until later that night. Mama fail 😦


Eleanore, of course, loved the ocean and the beach, wanting to play in it every opportunity she could.
Adelaide fell asleep every time we took a walk on the beach, and now has an ocean sounds cd for her to open on her birthday, which is just two weeks away! My baby is going to be one.

With the birthday coming up, as well as Christmas, the crafting is in high gear.
The craft supplies are orgnaized and ready, and a lot has been completed or at least started.

Crafts on my list for this season:
Adelaide’s birthday:
felt birthday crown
longies ~ cast on
batik and dye a first birthday t-shirt
make a wooden or felt ornament for her birthday ring
knit a soft doll for her

make bean bags
felt barrettes for both
tutu for Eleanore
knit/felt an octopus for each of them
cut out, sand and polish wooden toys ~ need to make the beeswax polish so I can finish
secret project for my brother ~ halfway finished
secret project for my sister in law
hobby horse for Eleanore
pj pants for each


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