Christmas Preparations

While we haven’t dragged the big boxes of Christmas decorations out of the garage yet, we have started a little bit of decorating, mostly for our advent countdown. Eleanore cut out and glued together her first paper chain. She also cut out her first paper snowflake. I couldn’t remember how to cut them out, and had to google…

Our nature table is slowly making its change over to winter. We had our first snowfall of the season last week, so we figured it was time. We’re also starting a new holiday tradition, or at least trying one out to see if we like it. I wrapped up 24 Christmas or Winter books from our collection, and Eleanore is opening a book every day. She loves matching up the number on the package to the number on the calendar after we have calendar time.

This printable I found on pinterest is also proving very fun. Eleanore loves glueing on the cotton ball every day to form Santa’s beard.

Remember last week, when I posted I was thankful for our first snow? Well, not even 5 minutes after I hit publish on that post, this happened.
A huge old oak tree fell across our driveway, blocking us in, and Jason was out of town, so wasn’t able to clean it up for us. With the help of my Mother in law a few hours later, we did manage to move the car out of the way so we could head to our homeschool science class the next day. It also didn’t stop us from enjoying the snowfall.

But a few hours later? The power went out. Then the electric pole started smoking. It caught on fire. A visit from the fire department and then the electric company made for a rather exciting day.

All is well, and Jason is now back home. The tree isn’t completely cleaned up yet, but he made a good start on it yesterday. Phew.


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