Christmas 2011

We went to a new tree farm this year, Mutch’s in Lapeer, which was a bit of a drive, but it was nice, as they take you out on a wagon ride to the tree fields and then load the tree for you when you ride back.
We also stopped by the dairy farm after getting our tree to pick up some fresh egg nog and ice cream cones (yes, ice cream cones in December! The egg nog ice cream was delicious).


I managed to finish all the crafts I needed to complete before Christmas and am so glad I did. By far, the favorite present, was the hobby horse I made for Eleanore. She also really enjoyed the bicycle helmet Daddy got for her, the magnifying glasses I got for her, as well as the tutu I made, so much so that they made the perfect ensemble to wear all day.



The pajamas I made were opened Christmas Eve, as has been my family’s tradition as long as I can remember. I also made a pair for Eleanore’s baby, but didn’t manage to snap a picture of them. The tops were all hand dyed and the pants are sewn from cotton flannel.

Another VERY favorite toy was the balloon punch balls I picked up on a whim at the dollar store for Eleanore’s stocking. Adelaide even joined in on the fun (very supervised, of course).

It was nice to just kick back and do pretty much nothing but soak up family time on Christmas Day. Jason cooked dinner, a standing rib roast with potatoes and asparagus, and we watched Polar Express and lounged around when the girls weren’t running/crawling around the house playing with their new toys (or wrestling, their new favorite activity!).


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