Menu February 5-11, 2012

Sunday: nachos, pretzel bites, kale chips
Monday: salmon cakes, baked potatoes
Tuesday: bun-less cheeseburgers, pan fried carrots
Wednesday: wholewheat pasta (from last week ~ I froze half the batch) with cheese sauce, lima beans
Thursday: dutch babies, bacon and eggs
Friday: homemade pizza on wholewheat crust
Saturday: simple baked salmon with basil, garlic and olive oil, corn (frozen from last summer)

Other: wholewheat bagels— I add two TB vital wheat gluten and sub honey for the sugar
Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bake
yogurt with my yogurt starter from cultures for health! I have finally figured out a routine for my yogurt that seems to be working (knock on wood!). The starter I got says you can make it at room temp, but I find I get a better texture if I heat the milk to 180, then cool to about 110, mix in the yogurt from the last batch (or the starter), pour into jars, then put them into a soft side cooler with a jar of hot tap water and let them culture for 6 hours. My last batch was perfection!


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