This is the first year we’re actually going to exchange valentines with friends, and we’re excited 🙂 Once again, it was pinterest to the rescue for providing lots of crafty ideas from blogs all over the interwebz.
We have two different valentines to hand out, as we have our preschool circle group, as well as our home school playgroup to exchange with, and some of the kids overlap.
We found this neat printable graphic and paired it with homemade star crayons, using this tutorial and a star silicone ice cube tray. Eleanore also heart-stamped some cardstock with a toilet paper tube folded into a heart shape and I sewed little coloring books with her drawings as the cover and copy paper to color on.

For our other valentine, we went simple. I got 3 packs of bouncy balls at the dollar store, printed out this nice label and Eleanore cut them out and stapled them to the perfect-sized bags I also picked up there.


We decided Adelaide should give Valentines this year, too, so we printed out a few sheets of these adorable printables and Eleanore cut them out for her. Easy peasy and Eleanore got lots of cutting practice, as well as experiencing her artwork “published.” 🙂 The little notebooks were fun for me to sew, and turned out really nicely, so they’ll definitely be on the list for homemade books for the future.


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2 Responses to “Valentines!”

  1. mrspedigrew Says:

    Such an adorable Valentines Day craft! I’m doing a “12 Days of Valentines” project on my blog you might enjoy!

  2. Casey Says:

    These are adorable little crafts you’ve done here!

    I found this post when Jewely Bug linked up for Lots of Link Love with me this week. I hope you’ll consider checking it out, and maybe even link up with my for the next Lots of Link Love on February 25th!

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