Sick… again

We have been hit hard this season with illness.  We all came down with horrible head colds/sinus infections/coughing fits last week (only a few weeks since our last bout!) and just when I thought we were getting better, I was awoken by someone throwing up on me this morning.  Sigh.  My fingers are crossed that it was a fluke, as (knock on wood) that was the only episode so far.

Adelaide is toddling around more and more each day.  She’s still not sure of herself and seems to forget that she can, but she’s walked halfway across the room to get to me half a dozen times. She’s a hoot and we can already tell she’s going to be a hilarious little girl. She will grab a tissue and pretend to blow her nose and sings and dances whenever she hears music. She’s also gotten very adept at stacking blocks!

At least one thing is healthy in our home right now. Our green onions are growing wonderfully! I’ve already harvested them a few times and they keep growing back in just days.

We also started some seeds earlier this week in a mini tabletop greenhouse we made from toilet paper tubes and a organic spinach tub. Hopefully we’ll have spinach, kale and swiss chard growing soon.

I’ve been knitting a tiny bit lately, so will hopefully have updates on that soon. I just purged more than three grocery bags full of yarn and rooted through my stash, so inspiration has started to hit. Next up is organizing my fabric stash.


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