A little Crafting

It’s time to take down the paper snowflakes and start decorating for Spring. Even though it’s not officially Spring (and we will ignore that dusting of snow we got last night…), it’s time for some Spring sprucing up. I put the floral tablecloth back on the dining room table, and also made this quick little rainbow clover garland I found on pinterest. I’m thinking we will quiet a few rainbow crafts this year. Here is my St. Patrick’s Day board on pinterest, if you’re interested in seeing more we have planned.

Using this tutorial from Beneath the Rowan Tree, Eleanore helped me paint a few drawer pull toadstools and peg people. Apparently, we have blue peg people for Spring in our house šŸ˜‰


We also have another addition to our nature table:
I rescued a wooly bear caterpillar from the basement. We’re hoping it’s almost time for him to turn into a chrysalis and become a tiger moth.

One of my only finished knitting projects from 2012 so far is this Blanket Baby I knit from the Spring Issue of Living Crafts (I have been knitting the same pair of green boring longies for Adelaide for two months…). I love that magazine and would love to link you to the project, but can’t find it anywhere, not even on ravelry.


It is a very basic knit doll/blanket, but I think it turned out cute. I’m trying to figure out if I have the willpower to make Eleanore another baby for her birthday. She’s been asking for another baby since Adelaide received her first baby for her birthday.

The weather has been gorgeous this week, and we were able to take a park day and have some fun outside without our winter coats. Still no regular walking from Adelaide, but she enjoyed cruising the playground equipment for a bit.

Eleanore has been dancing around the house all week. She had her first dance class on Tuesday and loved it, as I knew she would.

A picture of her warming up before her class.


One Response to “A little Crafting”

  1. stitchcrazy Says:

    Happened upon your blog….I see that you homeschool. I’m hoping to do the same when my kids are old enough. Where did you get the pattern for the doll/blanket or did you make it up?

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