Fun with Rainbows and Finally Growing

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, we had fun exploring rainbows. For our circle group, we read the book What Makes a Rainbow

and then made some rainbow prints using shaving cream and paint. Unfortunately, I didn’t snag a picture of the rainbow prints, but did get a few of Eleanore having a little sensory play after she made her print. I think that was the highlight of the art activity 😉

We also did a little rainbow science experiment at home using shaving cream and food coloring to make rainbow rain with shaving cream clouds using this technique.

We’re also growing things all over. We have our grass seed started for our Easter basket in the kitchen window.
I have celery started from leftover stumps on the kitchen counter.

Eleanore started some cosmo flower seeds in a ziploc bag taped to the dining room window (it was also a great little cloud/rain experiment with the condensation that formed).

And I started our first round of seeds under the grow lights in the garage. Still waiting for our big orders to arrive from Territorial Seeds and Miller’s Nursery. We’re growing about the same plants as last year, with added peas (which are already planted and sprouting in the garden). We also ordered two paw paw trees, some rhubarb, asparagus and horseradish, which will all be new to us. Our unseasonably hot weather seems to have come to an end and we had a freeze the other night. Hopefully our in full bloom peach tree still fruits this year. Everything else looks ok, although lots of plants are definitely making their appearance earlier than normal!

Behind the scenes, I’m birthday crafting for Eleanore’s upcoming fourth birthday. Hoping to finish a birthday crown, small doll using this tutorial and a birthday ring piece before next Friday.


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