Sick… again… (plus someone’s birthday and Easter!)

We’ve been sick again. This past year we’ve been in an endless cycle of getting sick and we were hit yet again. This time it was a doozy ~ everyone ended up on antibiotics and had horrible coughs (and ear infections). We didn’t do much other than lay around. Although Eleanore, who was hit first, was feeling better while Adelaide and I were still sick, so she did a few crafts,
science experiments
and other fun things, like make a cast for her foot out of stickers…


We were all feeling mostly better by Eleanore’s birthday last Friday, so we decided to hit the zoo (as did half of metro-Detroit, I’m suspecting… they were PACKED).
It was interesting to say the least… perhaps entry to four year old-dom is very emotional? Eleanore proceeded to scream and cry throughout the entire trip, so we weren’t there for very long. She did manage to scale a huge rock and see a few animals
as well as ride the carousel. Which she refused to get off of, which was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back (Mommy and Daddy’s patience) and we headed home.

We did, of course, have time for cake and presents when we got home, as well as Eleanore’s requested dinner ~ homemade pepperoni and pineapple pizza. (even though Eleanore decided she didn’t like pineapple on her pizza anymore). Being four is complicated.

She did like her homemade baby that I sewed her, which I was thankful of! I haven’t managed to grab a nice picture of it yet though. It looks a little scary to me, but she likes it, so that’s all that matters.

The Easter baskets went over well. Our Easter grass (wheatgrass) survived until Easter this year, unlike last year when we planted it too early, and looked nice in the girls’ baskets.
Adelaide LOVED hunting for eggs. She had been practicing all week with our basket of plastic eggs. She has been bringing each egg to me and then walking them back to the basket.

One last bit of exciting news! Our wooly bear caterpillar has spun his cocoon and will hopefully be emerging as a tiger moth in a few days.


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