Our Spring Adventures

I’ve taken a brief hiatus, because… dum dum dum dum. We’ve been sick again. Yes, I am now taking antibiotics for strep.

Anyway, in between illnesses, we’ve been enjoying spring. Working in the garden, harvesting lettuce, dandelion leaves and swiss chard, heading to the parks, and just enjoying some warm(ish), windy weather rolling down hills and playing.



We’ve also acquired some new spring friends… On Monday, our little Waldorf-inspired homeschool circle heard a story about worms and then dug for them. Everyone took home a little worm jar to watch. We’ll be releasing them into our garden in a few days.


While we were at the park, we found tadpoles, so they will be our focus for next week’s circle.
I have no patience though and as we picked up the perfect aquarium at the thrift store yesterday, we headed out to the park again today.




I don’t know who’s more excited, me or Eleanore.


One Response to “Our Spring Adventures”

  1. Heather Lee Says:

    I’ve missed you and I’m so glad to see some beautiful photos of your kiddos. 🙂 I barely go to FB these days, so I feel a bit out of the loop with many people, but enjoy the free time it gives me. I hope that you all get well and stay well.

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