More summer fun

Eleanore helped me make some felt pictures using the zip-lock bag wet felting technique I found via pinterest.  It’s super easy ~  you just make a design using wool, and place it carefully in a freezer bag, rearranging as needed.
  Then pour in hot soapy water, soaking your wool design.  Squish extra water out of the bag , then seal and smash and squish it until it’s felted.
Our finished picture:

The girls have also been playing LOTS of dress up. Adelaide absolutely loves to dress up and dance around the room anytime music is on.

Not too much to harvest from the garden quite yet (although I did pull out and harvest all our shelling peas a few weeks ago), but we let our yard grow a bit for a few weeks and were able to harvest lots of red clover for tea just from the lawn. I used my favorite trick to dry the herbs:
You’ll notice I have lavender drying now. It’s the perfect way to dry small batches of herbs and doesn’t use any extra energy! I run the coffeepot once a day already, so I just make use of that little bit of heat to slowly dry whatever herb I’m harvesting at the moment. It only takes a few days to dry a batch, and it works great for small herbs like red clover, chamomile, etc. Right now I’m using paper towels, but I rarely have them so I usually use a thin dishcloth.
I’ve been making a delicious iced tea with red clover, a large black tea bag, dried hawthorn berries, oatstraw and sometimes a bit of lemon balm. We have lemon balm growing wild all over the yard, so last summer I transplanted a tiny bit into my front flower bed. This year, my lemon balm plant is HUGE. It’s a good thing I love lemon balm tea in the evening 😉 It’s a great way to relax after a long day.


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