Garlic Harvest and Homemade Play dough Fun

Turns out that it was time to dig up the garlic! I dug all the heads up this morning after checking a few and being happy with the bulbs. This is the first year I got dividable cloves. Last year, I mostly had individuals, but I planted bulbils (the seed tops) rather than cloves. I had missed a few scapes when I cut them back a month or so ago, and those heads are MUCH smaller. I decided to leave those 6 plants in the ground and will harvest the bulbils for more seed starts once they finish blooming.
Here’s my complicated garlic hanging set up for them to finish curing.DSC_1810web
Ha. It’s just one of Jason’s tool hooks. Works perfectly and is out of the sun, which is what you want. I’ll leave them hanging for a week or two, then cut off the roots and shake off more of the dirt. Then they’ll be ready for storage!

We decided it was time for fresh batch of play dough recently, too, and while we used our standard recipe, we colored this batch with some kool aid.
From left to right is blue raspberry, cherry, lemon lime and orange. It was Adelaide’s first time playing with play dough and it was a huge hit.


I also made a few imprinting tools using old buttons and hot glueing them to corks.
Goodness knows we have enough spare corks around here as I can never bring myself to throw them away. I do enjoy the occasional (or not) glass of wine šŸ˜‰


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