Just the Three of Us


We’ve been spending the past week or so working in the garden and playing outside, sticking close to home, rather than spending our days running around from playdate to playdate. Usually I keep us pretty busy with an active park date or trip to the lake or river to swim, as it wears both girls out and they sleep so much better. However, it truly wears me out, too. I’m an introvert, and that much “out and about” just drains me. The endless stream of days keeping super busy was not working for me. Plus, I think it’s good for the girls to spend time “just being” outside. Digging in the dirt, reading books in the shade, pretending to be chefs in their mud kitchen, etc. So, we took a break this week to find our rhythm and spend time with just the three of us. Daddy is out of town this week, so it’s bonding time for us girls. It was the perfect week to spend laying low, as Eleanore has been dealing with a small stomach bug.

Both Eleanore and Adelaide are getting into art projects lately, especially now that Adelaide isn’t trying to eat everything, and are wearing their sidewalk chalk down to nubs, so when I saw this recipe for sidewalk paint, I knew they would love it for a change of pace.

It’s super simple to mix up ~ equal parts cornstarch and water ~ I used 1/4 c. of each– and then add food coloring. A lot of sites I read used the gel food coloring, but I found the regular liquid food coloring worked great for us (plus it’s much less expensive). Eleanore helped me mix up all the colors in jelly jars, then we poured them into a muffin tin for our palette.


It dries into beautiful chalky pastel shades. I was impressed! Eleanore and Adelaide both loved it and were a chalky mess by the time they were through.





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