I bet you kind of rolled your eyes when you saw this post, thinking I’d post about how wonderful camping was, everything was perfect, blah blah blah. Although, maybe you don’t remember our Smoky Mountain experience last fall with Eleanore throwing up the whole way there. Anyway, our camping trip to Lake Michigan was… interesting.

The campground was nice. We stayed at a national forest campground near Ludington, Michigan. Jason chartered a fishing boat with a few friends to go salmon fishing, and we usually stay at the state park in Ludington, but it was completely booked. The national forest was beautiful and we think perhaps we’ll try our hand at some “backwoods” camping next year instead of staying at the campground.

Jason did great fishing – we came back with quite a lot of salmon ~ I froze around 15 pieces for us to eat this fall and winter and also canned a few pints, too.

Eleanore had a great time playing in Lake Michigan- she always does.
And both girls had a nice time riding around the campground and down to the beach in the new bike trailer I got for my birthday.

But those two pictures I posted of Adelaide were practically the only time she was happy… she has always camped pretty well. She has been camping since she was 6 months old and we’ve camped for almost 14 days so far this year. Pardon the pun, but she was not a happy camper in Ludington. I don’t know if it was just a growth spurt, teething pain, being cold at night and not being able to sleep well or just general grumpiness but sheesh.

Hopefully she does better in the Smoky Mountains next month. And hopefully we all do better than last year!


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2 Responses to “Camping”

  1. Camping for Families (@Camping4Fams) Says:

    Hey, at least she was happy twice. And camping with a fussy toddler’s better than staying at home with a fussy toddler …. right? 😀

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