They did great this year. Eleanore prefers them cooked, but Adelaide likes them straight out of the garden. I managed to at least get this one washed first.

I’ve also been harvesting and drying dandelion root for tea this fall and winter and just put up a ton of tomatoes yesterday. We bought a half bushel of canning tomatoes and I’ve been saving our harvest from this year in the freezer so I could do them all at once. I will probably take what’s left to ripen and turn them into roasted tomato soup. I made some using smitten kitchen’s recipe last week and it was delicious.
My kitchen was covered in tomatoes by the time I was finished. I ended up with 18 pints tomato sauce, 9 quarts chopped tomatoes, 1 quart and 6 pints tomato juice. My vitamix made canning the tomato sauce so easy, but it still seemed as though it took forever. I love that I can blend the whole tomato, skin, seeds and all before cooking it down for sauce. So much less waste!
I have the canning bug again! Friday I put up potatoes I bought for a dollar a bag at the grocery (should make quick mashed potatoes or hash on a busy fall day) and we bought a peck of apples at the orchard Saturday for me to turn into sauce. Michigan’s apple crop is terrible this year due to the early warm up and then freeze, so I snagged the seconds when I found them. They were pricier than last year, but a canning mama has to do what a canning mama has to do 😉 We aren’t getting any apples at all from our three trees 😦


2 Responses to “Harvesting”

  1. Julie Says:

    How awesome! I have been interested in canning but am a little bit overwhelmed at the prospect.

  2. Heather Lee Says:

    I love that first photo of Eleanor! So adorable!

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