Summer’s Coming to an End

We’re having fun with the last days of summer. Tuesday, we had an end of summer playdate with our homeschool field trip friends where we got to play in the sprinkler and enjoy snow cones.

Adelaide didn’t really enjoy the water play, but did love playing with all the outdoor toys and of course she loved the watermelon.

Thursday we hit the spray park with a few other homeschool friends.

And we’ve spent lots of time outside with our new guinea pig friends. They’re taking a little vacation at our house for just a week. Both girls are loving them!

Garden is still going a bit. I’m picking a basket full of tomatoes every day. I have two quarts of cucumbers fermenting on the counter, but I think the cucumber plants are completely done producing. Our peppers are still doing great and we have 4 small melons on the vine ripening. My first planting of fall peas is starting to bloom, and I’m pretty sure there’s a good batch of green beans from my second planting that we’ll be able to eat this week.
I vitamixed up a small batch of applesauce the other day that’s fermenting as well. I’ve never tried fermented applesauce, so I just did two pints. I will probably do some traditional applesauce with the remaining apples from the peck we bought last week. I love that I can just blend them up in the vitamix, skins and all and then heat it before canning. I even did the fermented applesauce raw. Can’t get much easier than that!


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