Happy Not Back to School!

It’s the day after Labor Day. The day all the kids in Michigan pile into the yellow school buses and head back to school. All the back to school pictures get posted on facebook– children in their new clothes, boxes full of sharpened pencils, new waxy-smelling boxes of crayons all crammed into stiff new backpacks.
I guess this will be our “official” preschool picture.
We had a not back to school picnic planned with our home school field trip group. Mother nature, however, did not cooperate. It poured. At least we didn’t have to wait outside in the rain for the bus. I think we’ll get out some brand new beeswax crayons later.

Happy not back to school, fellow homeschoolers!


One Response to “Happy Not Back to School!”

  1. Fun Says:

    Saw a post from you over on homesteading where you asked about a strange pod on your grape vine.
    I thought I would let you know it isn’t a grape vine. It is Burr Cucumber.

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