One Season Comes to an End

Dyeing take 2.  My experiment to let the goldenrod just hang out in a sunny garage window didn’t work out so well.  We came home from a weekend in Indianapolis (for a business trip for Jason) to a smelly bucket.  It reeked!  Time for take two.  This time Eleanore and I filled two mason jars with marigold and goldenrod blooms, added vinegar and water and a cotton hanky to dye.  I zapped each one in the microwave for three minutes and put them in the window.  Every day I think I’ll heat them in the microwave to keep the mold/mildew/stink away – and I know the vinegar will help with that, as well as work as a mordant.  Our marigold jar already has a beautiful orange hue, so we can’t wait to see the results!

Speaking of our business trip, we all had a good time at the Offroad Expo with Jason. Eleanore always loves seeing the monster and offroad trucks.


And Adelaide has taken to saying “vroom vroom!” every time she sees a truck. We also brought home a truck of our own, which Jason picked up in Missouri. It’s his new project.



I’ve been saying it, but it seems it’s officially true. Autumn is officially here– the garden harvests are ending. We picked two baskets full of tomatoes, a basket of green beans, peppers, and three melons.


I pulled almost all the tomato plants and the zucchini and yellow squash. It’s getting cold –they’re calling for upper 30s tonight– it seems fall is here a week earlier than the calendar, but Mother Nature has a mind of her own. The evenings are screaming for mugs of tea again. I’ve even started a new knitting project– rainbow lobbies for Adelaide. I need to finish them quickly though, as both girls need new hats before our October camping trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio.


And the crisp mornings have been perfect for pumpkin muffins, which the girls *devour.*


Waldorf Wednesday


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