Autumn Fairies

I’ve always been in love with the little Waldorf fairy peg dolls that are all over crafty Waldorf blog world, but we’ve never really given them a try. Until this week!

Ours are very simple, but Eleanore, Adelaide and I each painted one with autumn colors of watercolor paint.



Then after they were dry, we glued on acorn tops and made little faces.



Eleanore must have been inspired by the Fairy Houses book we bought at a library book sale a few weeks ago, because she immediately built a little house for the fairies out of rocks.

The acorn cap is their bowl of food. And she even found some soft lambs ear for their blanket.

While she played with the fairies and their new home, and Adelaide napped in the swing, I sat with an iced coffee (almost too chilly for those in the afternoons already!) and the book All Year Round, which I checked out of the library.
I want to like this book, but I just don’t. I keep checking it out though, hoping something will jump out at me. I much prefer the Little Acorn Learning and Seasons of Joy guides so much better. I set the book aside and knit on Adelaide’s longies instead. I needed a stitch marker, but didn’t feel like getting up to go back in the house, so I improvised…


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One Response to “Autumn Fairies”

  1. Robin L Says:

    Definitely had the same thoughts on the All Year Round book when I checked it out, too. Disappointing.

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