Our Autumn Dyeing and Squirrel Houses

Eleanore was not very impressed with our autumn natural dyeing project. It was a good lesson, though, on the fact that natural dyes are not as vivid as commercial ones. While our marigold dye was very pinkish orange in the jar, it turned out a yellowish tan on the finished cotton handkerchief. Our goldenrod is a pale, pale yellow. I’m thinking if we had used more blossoms it would have been a little more golden.

So we decided to start another dyeing project, this time using black walnuts to see if we could get something a little more vivid.

We also made squirrel houses this week from twigs gathered from the yard.

We’re headed to Hocking Hills state park today to camp with my parents. It’ll just be me with the girls and my parents, as Jason is out in California for work. I haven’t been to Hocking Hills since I was a little girl.

Our big camping camp we planned for the Smoky Mountains last month was canceled. We just couldn’t work it out this year with all my medical issues with the ectopic. Finally that is over– my beta numbers are finally zero, so I can move on and stop going in for weekly blood draws. Hopefully we can camp in the Smokies next year. But this little two night trip with my parents will suffice for one last trip of the year.

Back next week with pictures!


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