Finally back with a few pictures

This past week has been crazy busy! I decided we should dive right back into our activities after our week in Ohio with my family and our trip to Hocking Hills, rather than take a few days to unwind. Eleanore seems to get right back into our rhythm much more easily if we keep busy, but it was a bit too busy for my introverted self– a homeschool hike with friends, ballet class, alpaca farm tour, library storytime and a trip to the apple orchard with friends. A bit too busy for my body, too, I suppose, as I now have a wicked cold. Probably more due to the weather change we’ve had in Michigan though – we’ve had some cold mornings and days.


The weather was perfect at Hocking Hills though – sunny and warm every day we were there. It was such a beautiful time of year to go – the autumn color was absolutely breathtaking. We did lots of hikes – Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, Ash Cave and Conkles Hollow. Rock House was my favorite, but it was very hard to capture in a photograph, as it was so dim inside. And the enormity of all the caves was impossible to capture.

Sphinx Head Rock at Old Man’s Cave:


Eleanore and Grandma at Rock House:

Conkles Hollow:


Eleanore, of course, loved camping. We weren’t even there five minutes before she had an entire collection of acorns, hickory nuts and gorgeous leaves filling her pockets and piled up on the picnic table.

This is her arrangement, by the way, not mine!

She also cooked our dinner that night!

Adelaide camped ok this time around, too. We had one crazy night of waking up at 4 am with lots of crying, but the next night she slept amazingly well.

It was strange camping without Jason though – he was on a business trip in California. This was my first camping trip ever without him.
Strange, but we survived even forgetting our tent stakes thanks to my parents help!

I wanted to share this program I am taking this week. I decided to sign up at the last minute (and there’s still time for you to sign up, too!) after seeing it on Little Acorn Learning’s blog.

It looks wonderful and I’m excited about getting more ideas to connect and focus as a family. Today’s topic was music, something that definitely connects with everyone in our house. Taking some time today to find some new music for us – we’ve listened to our Elizabeth Mitchell cds *to death* and need something new!


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