For the birds

With Autumn comes the bird feeder crafts. I’m sure you’ve seen this craft everywhere, but Eleanore and Adelaide had fun gathering a basket of pine cones, spreading them with peanut butter, in between sneaking tastes, and then dipping them in bird seed.


We hung them right outside our dining room window, expecting to spy on the birds as they enjoyed their treat.

We didn’t need our bird book, however, to identify the creatures that dined… sneaky squirrels.
We watched Mr. Squirrel (Mrs.?) carefully pull each pine cone from its hanging place one by one. Oh well.

We have since hung a suet block on our holder and are now enjoying our daily visits from the chickadees, red bellied woodpeckers and tufted titmice. That bird book came in handy after all!

We also made a beautiful, simple garland from some of the fall leaves we modpodged.

Don’t forget to enter my National Geographic Super Reader giveaway!

Waldorf Wednesday

A picture of Adelaide’s finished Waldorf doll coming soon – I just need to finish her pants, plus another great giveaway next week!


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