Busy Creating Things…

If you’re not friends with me on facebook, perhaps you don’t know our news.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve been a little MIA around here. 

We’re expecting baby #3 this September! This was a very early ultrasound to confirm the baby wasn’t ectopic like my pregnancy last summer, but I’m sure you get the gist 😉 
I’ve had awful morning sickness this time, which thankfully seems to have mostly subsided.  Now I’m just craving bacon and chocolate milk like crazy! Eleanore is super excited on the prospect of a new baby sister. She’s not too enthusiastic that it could be a boy though…

The girls have been busy creating, too. We have been making our house look a little more spring-like, even if there’s still snow on the ground. We made this really cool Easter Egg Garland. We couldn’t get our water balloons blown up, so we used regular balloons. It was very messy, but I think they turned out really nice.

and Eleanore *loved* painting these tape resist Easter eggs, so we turned those into a garland for our other window. We just cut egg shapes out of thick paper, stuck masking tape all over them and painted with water colors. Once they dried, we took off the tape and the masterpieces were revealed. If you look closely in this picture, you can see a woodpecker outside the window on our suet feeder!

But Eleanore’s favorite craft is this one. She sewed her own monster from an old sock. She was so proud of herself to stuff it, cut out the felt for the eyes and mouth and sew it all by herself!



My little girl is so grown up!


One Response to “Busy Creating Things…”

  1. thehomeschoolmomblog Says:

    Ah, congrats! That is truly awesome. Wishing you the best during your pregnancy!

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