Kindergarten with Oak Meadow

With the new baby coming in late August/ early September, our plans to start Eleanore’s kindergarten year got bumped up a bit. Our plan is to start this spring and take things very slowly this year, giving us lots of time to settle into a family of five and not worry about being rushed.

We have one of the older, more gentle editions if Oak meadow kindergarten that we’re using and it’s going great so far. I was worried it would be too slow, but Eleanore is loving the focus on one story/letter/number of the week. Even though she already knows all of her number and letters, the extra focus is really improving her handwriting practice.

She especially loves her Main Lesson Book and asks to write in it every day. Some of our pages so far:





She also loves to do extra practice with her numbers outside of her main lesson book.


Of course we’re also doing lots of crafts, outdoor play and nature exploration. Our days certainly don’t look like school at home, but right now it’s working for us.
Adelaide is getting in on the fun, too. She absolutely loves the Wee Sing Fingerplays cd that goes along with Oak Meadow, especially Eency Weency Spider. Both girls run around the room singing and acting out the verses.


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