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Summer Harvests

June 21, 2013

Our road trip was busy, hot, rainy, crazy but a fun time. More pics and details on that soon – as soon as I can sort through my pictures.
Right now though, we’re busy harvesting from our gardens and yard. Peas are being gobbled up and Adelaide loves heading right to the pea bed for a snack as soon as we go outside.





I’m picking lots of herbs from the yard and my flower bed. Plantain, comfrey, yarrow and lemon balm to dry for a postpartum bath tea, rose petals, chamomile and lavender for belly salve and I also need to make another batch of boo boo salve with calendula, plantain and comfrey. I’m also picking red clover from the lawn to dry for tea and fresh lemon balm goes in my nourishing pregnancy tea every day.



I also picked a big bowl of mint for mint syrup that I have simmering now.

It will be delicious over ice cream or in lemonade.

And to celebrate the first day of summer, we made blueberry Popsicles this morning.



Nature Studies

June 4, 2013

Our adventures in homeschooling this week have been nature studies (as well as F and the number 6).

We found a dead bee in our windowsill which Eleanore found fascinating. She loved seeing his tiny hairs under the magnifying glass.



We also found a snail out by our pond which has been great fun to watch. We brought him in for a few days to get a closer look. We will take him back out before we leave on our next camping trip.


We have also managed to get all of the garden in finally. No pictures yet, but this year we planted potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, kale, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, peas, zucchini, winter squash, pickling and slicing cucumbers, carrots, gourds, and pumpkins.

And just for fun, here is the outfit Eleanore picked out today.

In case you can’t tell, those are black leggings with neon stripes…

Camping in the Smoky Mountains

June 3, 2013


Our camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains went great. Sure, it rained nearly every day and our campground was covered in poison ivy, which we all got a little of, but we all had a nice time simply enjoying the outdoors. Cosby campground was a nice place- quiet with very few RVs, clean bathrooms and easy access to a few nice hikes. Both girls really enjoyed the nearby creek and the nature trail in the campground which takes you over it numerous times, which was neat. Listening to it every night while falling asleep was nice, too, of course.


We also drove over to Cades Cove and Eleanore and Adelaide were able to see their first bear in the wild! It’s hard to see in my picture, but we saw a mama with her cub.


The views in Cade’s Cove were beautiful.


And of course we all enjoyed our meals while camping! There’s nothing like cooking over a campfire.





We have one more camping trip planned for the summer and it’s coming up quick! We leave Friday for Virginia. We’re camping in Mt. Rogers National Rec Area.

Painting with Flowers

May 18, 2013

After seeing this idea on the Little Acorn Learning blog, I knew we had to try it. You simply squish the flowers into the paper to draw with them. Dandelions are especially juicy and work well.



It worked great and was a nice ending to our dandelion and violet crafting. We also did a little printing with the flowers and a hammer. Both girls *loved* that art project.




I’m also doing a little crafting after the girls go to bed. Jason is out of town this week, so I’ve spinning and plying while watching the first two seasons of Doctor Who. I had a mishap with my wheel the other day- the nylon tube that attaches to the pedal broke, but I’m crossing my fingers that my temporary fix will at least hold until I can be the rest plied. I’m planning to start a pair of longies with it on our camping trip next week.


Dandelion crowns

May 16, 2013

Finally a few “real camera” pictures… We made dandelion crowns today. The weather has been beautiful this week and we’ve all been enjoying our wildflowers (aka lawn weeds).



We made dandelion syrup and violet syrup last week. We will miss all the flowers when Jason finally mows! We’re always the last on our street in the spring to mow- I’m sure our neighbors are not happy…

I also blended up a batch of chive, spinach, sorrel pesto. I love having garden greens again.


And a little messy chalkboard fun was had today, too.




Kindergarten with Oak Meadow

May 15, 2013

With the new baby coming in late August/ early September, our plans to start Eleanore’s kindergarten year got bumped up a bit. Our plan is to start this spring and take things very slowly this year, giving us lots of time to settle into a family of five and not worry about being rushed.

We have one of the older, more gentle editions if Oak meadow kindergarten that we’re using and it’s going great so far. I was worried it would be too slow, but Eleanore is loving the focus on one story/letter/number of the week. Even though she already knows all of her number and letters, the extra focus is really improving her handwriting practice.

She especially loves her Main Lesson Book and asks to write in it every day. Some of our pages so far:





She also loves to do extra practice with her numbers outside of her main lesson book.


Of course we’re also doing lots of crafts, outdoor play and nature exploration. Our days certainly don’t look like school at home, but right now it’s working for us.
Adelaide is getting in on the fun, too. She absolutely loves the Wee Sing Fingerplays cd that goes along with Oak Meadow, especially Eency Weency Spider. Both girls run around the room singing and acting out the verses.

Busy Creating Things…

March 21, 2013

If you’re not friends with me on facebook, perhaps you don’t know our news.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve been a little MIA around here. 

We’re expecting baby #3 this September! This was a very early ultrasound to confirm the baby wasn’t ectopic like my pregnancy last summer, but I’m sure you get the gist 😉 
I’ve had awful morning sickness this time, which thankfully seems to have mostly subsided.  Now I’m just craving bacon and chocolate milk like crazy! Eleanore is super excited on the prospect of a new baby sister. She’s not too enthusiastic that it could be a boy though…

The girls have been busy creating, too. We have been making our house look a little more spring-like, even if there’s still snow on the ground. We made this really cool Easter Egg Garland. We couldn’t get our water balloons blown up, so we used regular balloons. It was very messy, but I think they turned out really nice.

and Eleanore *loved* painting these tape resist Easter eggs, so we turned those into a garland for our other window. We just cut egg shapes out of thick paper, stuck masking tape all over them and painted with water colors. Once they dried, we took off the tape and the masterpieces were revealed. If you look closely in this picture, you can see a woodpecker outside the window on our suet feeder!

But Eleanore’s favorite craft is this one. She sewed her own monster from an old sock. She was so proud of herself to stuff it, cut out the felt for the eyes and mouth and sew it all by herself!



My little girl is so grown up!

Roller Skating Times Two

January 16, 2013

Adelaide went roller skating for the first time! She was a bit apprehensive, but she did fantastic. Eleanore had a great time, of course, too, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon. It’s great winter exercise!