The Birth Story of Hudson James

I woke up around six am with what seemed to be very mild contractions. I didn’t bother timing them and just dozed while Jason got ready for work. Before he left, I jokingly told him he might have to come home early – mentioning my contractions, but I wasn’t serious. I figured I would get up and they would go away. After all, my last labor was days long and I was still 15 days before my due date.

Jason left for work, so I got up at 7. The girls were already awake and happily reading books on the couch, so I got to work on my to do list for the day. I started the tea kettle for coffee, then put the shower curtain in the washing machine and started scrubbing and cleaning the tiles in the shower– a job that’s been on my “before baby” list for a while. Happy with my cleaning progress after half an hour, I called the girls to the table for breakfast and poured my coffee. While walking to the kitchen for bowls, I felt a weird pop in my belly. I wondered if it could be my water, but nothing happened, so we ate our cereal. Twenty minutes later, however, I knew it had been my water. It gushed everywhere. I had Eleanore grab my phone and told her the baby was on the way. She gave me a big grin and was so excited.

It was now 8 am and I immediately called Jason to tell him to come home now, and then called my mom to tell her to get ready to head up. I really thought at that point that it was still too early. I didn’t think I was in labor and would end up with an induction because I was group b strep positive, but I did sit down to start timing my contractions. I was rather shocked to realize they were already two minutes apart. I texted Jason to hurry and called the midwife. It was Lorie Pender on call. She expressed her concern that Jason wasn’t home yet and I was so far along, and she asked me if I thought I should call an ambulance or if there was another hospital closer to our house. I told her I really didn’t want to birth there, so she said to make sure to remain sitting down while I waited so that gravity wouldn’t move things along more quickly and that she would see me soon.

I started needing to “hum” through my contractions, but was still handling them fine even though they were picking up. Jason’s mom was on her way over, so I had Eleanore find clothes for me and grab a few things for my bag. She was such a huge help and remained so calm. After a crazy drive home (he will have to share those details), Jason arrived at the same time as his mom. I stood up for the first time in more than half an hour and was so upset when I gushed water all over my skirt and shoes. I started crying and said I couldn’t leave without changing. I kept saying how embarrassed I was. Jason could see that I was further along than I could even realize, and panicking, pulled me to the truck. Eleanore rushed to get a step stool to help me get in and away we drove – faster than we should have, but Jason really didn’t want to deliver the baby.

I moaned and hummed through my contractions as Jason drove like a wild man. He even asked cars to let us in front of them while stopped at a light and blared his horn to get someone to let us pass at one point. We pulled into the hospital around 9:15 am. Looking back, I realize now that I was in transition at that point. The contractions were doubling up, and I complained about everything. I told the attendant I did not like his chair as he pushed me to L&D. I felt like they took forever at the check-in desk as I moaned continuously through contractions, but finally I was pushed to my room where nurses were getting set up. I was losing control at that point and remember yelling about how uncomfortable the chair was. They asked me to get on the bed, but I wanted to stand, so I put my arms around Jason and kept trying to squat. He thought I was falling on the floor and kept trying to pull me up which made me mad. My body started to take over and I was feeling myself push.

I complained about the pressure and one of the nurses told me she was going to check me, but I demanded the midwife. I knew a baby was coming soon. Then I complained about the lights and the bed. Lorie arrived and checked me and I complained about that, too, and yelled for her to get out. I was dilated to ten with a slight lip that I could push through. The nurses said something about an IV because of my group b strep, but Lorie said it was too late.

The pressure and pain was insane, but I wanted the baby OUT at that point and started pushing fast. Lorie had to tell me to slow down and she gave me a small incision where I was going to majorly tear. A total of three contractions and I felt a huge relief as the baby slid out and I heard a cry. I started crying, too. I couldn’t believe it was over. It was 9:28 am. I had just gotten up 2 1/2 hours ago. I heard Jason say, “It’s a boy!” and I was in shock. We were convinced it was a girl and hadn’t given it a second thought. It took us a few days to be sure of his name, but Hudson James Youd was born August 26 at 9:28 am after a less than 2 1/2 hour labor. 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long.

I never did drink that coffee, but the shower is clean.



One Response to “The Birth Story of Hudson James”

  1. LeAnn Sunsong Braun Says:

    That is a amazing, Lisa. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful creature you made. Congratulations again, I am so happy for you.

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